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  • What is a Nordic Tipi?
    A Nordic Tipi, also known as a Kata or Giant Hat, is a versatile and stylish tent inspired by traditional Scandinavian design. It features a distinctive conical shape with wooden poles and provides a unique and memorable setting for weddings and events.
  • What areas do TipiChic serve?
    We proudly serve the North East of England, including but not limited to Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, and surrounding areas such as Northumberland and North Yorkshire. Contact us to discuss your specific location.
  • What types of events are suitable for a TipiChic Nordic Tipi?
    Our Nordic Tipis are perfect for a variety of events, including weddings, corporate events, parties, festivals, and more. The flexible design allows for customization to suit any occasion.
  • How many guests can a Nordic Tipi accommodate?
    The capacity of our Nordic Tipis depends on the layout and configuration. Generally, they can accommodate anywhere from 50 to 300+ guests. We can help you choose the right size based on your guest count and event requirements.
  • Can the Nordic Tipis be set up in different locations?
    Yes, our Nordic Tipis are highly versatile and can be set up in various locations, including gardens, fields, and even on some hard surfaces with our flooring options. We work closely with you to ensure a seamless setup that suits your chosen venue.
  • What features and accessories do you offer with your Tipis?
    Our Tipis come with a range of accessories, including flooring, lighting, and furnishings. We also offer options for heating, catering tents, and dance floors to enhance the overall experience. Explore our website to see many of our available features.
  • How far in advance should I book a Nordic Tipi for my event?
    It's recommended to book as early as possible to secure your preferred date. Popular dates, especially during peak wedding seasons, can fill up quickly. Contact us to check availability and discuss your event date. You can call or text/whatsapp us on 07968 505753 or email us at
  • What is the booking process, and what is required to secure a reservation?
    To book a Nordic Tipi or any of our other awesome tents for your event, simply get in touch with us through our website or contact details. We'll discuss your requirements, provide a quote, and once you're ready to proceed, a deposit will be required to secure your booking. You can call or text/whatsapp us on 07968 505753 or email us at
  • What happens in case of bad weather on the event day?
    Our Tipis are based on an ancient and highly durable construction and so are designed to withstand various weather conditions. We cannot unfortunately guarantee the weather and to be honest guests are pretty good and tend to realize that they're going to be partying in a tent and so usually bring an extra layer if the weather is looking uncharacteristic for the season. Having said that, once the tipi is full of people having fun then the the temperature tends to regulate itself - in the past 10 years it has never been an issue.
  • Can I visit your showroom to see the Nordic Tipis in person?
    Yes and No - While we welcome you to visit our Nordic Tipis to experience their beauty and versatility it impractical for us to retain a permanent display at our premises as these things are massive and would consume far too much valuable storage space for all of our stock. Instead we have several open events throughout the year where we display our Tipis alongside some of our industry friends who offer complimentary services to help make your special day totally awesome. To find out where and when you can visit us and our tents you can call or text/whatsapp us on 07968 505753 or email us at or alternatively check out our socials for news of upcoming events - facebook >>> and/or instagaram >>>>
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